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Livelihood Empowerment

Strengthened capacities of young and vulnerable people and their families to meet their basic needs and create job opportunities through acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, access to capital and market.

Overall indicators:

  1. Number of targeted young people established sustainable manufacturing and local industries
  2. Number of target credit facilities available for young people to accessed
  3. Number of developing appropriate skills for economic productivity and income generation

Food Security and Agriculture

Strengthened small holder farmers capacity to stimulate agricultural productivity to eliminate hunger, engender good health create jobs and boost agricultural exports for national development.

Overall indicators:

  1.  A good number of school leavers and young farmers take up agricultural activities seriously as a livelihood business.
  2. Adoption of modern scientific and technological methods of crop and animal production by farmers.
  3. Application of improved soil, water and conservatives and food preservatives methods by farmers and food processors.

Democracy and Governance

Overall Goal:

Strengthened Sustained democratic and decentralized Governance through Citizens involvement and participation at the local level.

Overall indicators:

  1. Number of public institutions at the local level, show improved performance and or maintaining high performance in participatory decision making.
  2. Number of targeted communities in which citizens/groups show improved performance and or maintain high performance in participation in governance and resource mobilization for development

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Strengthened citizens capacity and access to affordable WASH through education and support to improve health, life expectancy and poverty reduction.

Overall indicators:

  1. Number of lither bins and hand washing facilities in public facilities, eg. Schools, Health facilities, Churches, Mosques, work places etc.
  2. Number of households, public places and institutions haven access to places of convenience.
  3. Increased access to improved, safe portable water in communities, public places etc